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History of the family Miari Fulcis

According to the history the Miari family originate from the Vicenza Area, born town of the ancestors in the XI century. The first historiographer proof on the surname origin is referred to Andrea da Miaro that was on charge like captain in Feltre in 1110.
Over the years the family gave birth to ecclesiastics, knights, lowers, historians and thinkers.

In 1248 when Ezzelino da Romano tried to attack the castle and the town of Belluno Alessandro Miari appeared among the town protectors;
In 1391 Andrea Miari got as a gift the Zumelle Castle from Gian Galeazzo Visconti to thanks him for the services obtained; in the 1404 was Bartolomeo Miari to beat in aid to Venice and to plaint the banner of San Marco on the drawbridge of Belluno Castle; in the same period the religious Clemente Miari starts writing the chronicle diaries of the Belluno area.

In 1412 Giovan Antonio Miari had been decorated with the title of Count from the Emperor Sigismondo from Hungary.


1412 – 2012

“6 Centuries of history”

Fattoria di Maiano, Fiesole – Florence

The Fattoria di Maiano, the origins of which go back to the fifteenth century, boasts an enviable position in the green hills between Fiesole and Settigano, just 5 km from the old city centre of Florence.

This destination has been home to renowed personalities such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Benedetto and Giuliano da Maiano, Boccaccio among the others.

Accommodation is offered in apartments located within the estate, which have been carved out of ancient rustic homesteads and several of the former convent buildings.

Villa di Modolo, Belluno

Villa di Modolo, located few kilometers from Belluno, is surrounded by the breathtaking view of majestic Dolomites.

The wonderful Villa was built in mid 16th century by Miari family.

Throughout the centuries, Villa di Modolo underwent many extension and embellishment works. Today it is considered one among the most typical examples of venetian villa.